About Filtration Control Systems


LAPCO LLC created Filtration Control Systems division in 2011 to extend its history of providing quality products and services to metalworking fluid and coolant filtration customers. Chris Ashley was named General Manager and charged with utilizing the resources and capabilities of LAPCO LLC and its corporate affiliate, RT Engineering Services LLC to design and build application specific machine tool coolant and metalworking fluid filtration and separation equipment. Mr. Ashley brings years of coolant filtration equipment design experience from Polytech Filtration Systems where he served as Project Engineer and Engineering and Production Manager.


Our Corporate Commitment


The management of LAPCO LLC and RT Engineering Services LLC has a history of growth based on providing “Today’s Technology… Yesterday’s Values” They’ve done this by serving their customers with skilled staff delivering solid technical solutions in a timely manner. Filtration Control Systems expresses this commitment through a growing range of products to allow us to tailor solutions to your specific needs. Many basic filtration and separation techniques for metalworking fluids have withstood the test of time but the need to extend fluid life and minimize disposal, labor and energy consumption costs have never been more compelling meaning that even basic, proven, techniques need to be applied in ways that optimize the use of these inputs.

We strive to make a difference, both for your operating costs and for the environment. RT Engineering Services controls expertise and purchasing power allows FCS to take filtration control systems to a new level of performance and efficiency. Centrifugal pumps are an ideal application of variable frequency drives for energy savings. For example, many filters use the design performance capacity of the pumps for only a short portion of the filter cycle, reducing motor speeds at other times can provide enough energy savings to pay the incremental cost of VFDs over across the line motor controls in just a few months while the energy conservation goes on for years.

By providing its customers with individually tailored thoughtful advice and sound solutions, Filtration Control Systems will carry yesterday’s values well into the future.